Life Of Contentment

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We all want to be satisfied, even though we know some people who will never be that way, and others who see satisfaction as a foreign emotion that they can’t hope to ever feel. However, whenever it comes to being content and living a life free from want and worry, it’s actually much easier to do so that you think. Even though our wants and desires are physical, the life of contentment we seek starts in our minds.

By using strategies such as taming our inner critic who always seems to push us towards lack, to learning to love yourself by controlling what goes in your heads and hearts, there are a wide variety of mental strategies that can help you become more content, and be satisfied with where you are. Now, this does bear repeating as it is one of the main themes of the book: Satisfaction does not equal stagnation, and it is perfectly healthy to be content, and still have the desire and the means for growth. But you can never build abundance out of lack and discomfort, so in order to properly grow, we need to reach the middle ground of being satisfied with where we are. Along the way, this book contains exercises and examples to help get you into a life of contentment, so you can start living that style of life right away without any issues. 

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