Beyond The Newbie

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One of the truly great things about internet marketing is that it is remarkably easy for anyone to become an internet marketer. You do not need any college degree, specific technical training or experience. Age, gender and locality are no bar to being a successful internet marketer either. Moreover, unlike a traditional ‘bricks and mortar’, real-world business, you do not need to have a significant amount of start-up capital behind you either. Whilst I have no doubt that the picture is changing and will continue to do so, almost no one in the internet marketing business has any formal training of any kind as an online marketer. In effect, therefore, almost everyone starts out playing the internet marketing game on a level playing field. Of course, some marketers do come into the internet marketing business with significant amounts of real-world business experience, and there is little doubt that such extensive business experience does give them an advantage.

Nevertheless, it is still true that in practical terms, whilst everyone can have lots of good ideas, every marketing beginner or ‘newbie’ starts off with little or no previous experience. In other words, no matter who they are or where they are now, even the best known gurus and experts in the business started off as exactly the same sort of online business newbie as you are now. However, if that is the position that you still find yourself in, you should take that as a huge encouragement, because quite clearly, by becoming recognized experts or gurus, these people have long since managed to lose their ‘newbie’ status.

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