Pay Per Play Profits

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As the internet evolves, so does the way advertising is performed online. In the earlier days it used to be so primitive - you could buy banner space on any given website that offered advertising. One of the key points in this evolution was the introduction of the Adsense model by Google – it’s loved by some, but hated by many due to the insipid returns Google makes available to publishers. Still, Google’s unquestionable brand strength is such that it offered a huge ad inventory for publishers - so site owners in the most obscure niche could display highly targeted ads and have a chance of monetizing their site (if only with a few pennies per click).

Clearly though, there were to be more developments. The evolution gained serious momentum with the increasing popularity of pay per lead. This really was (and is) a great concept for website owners and content publishers. They sign up to a PPL program and display a banner (for example) on their site. So a mortgage website would display a banner offered by a mortgage company that may say something like - Lower your mortgage payments by 20% or whatever. If the website owner clicks onto that banner and proceeds to request a free quote, the website owner gets paid. In the mortgage industry, these pay per lead amounts are sizzling – as much as $70 per lead in fact (given that it’s a hugely competitive niche). Pay per lead is great for some industries such as finance because some cash-rich companies offer staggering returns for leads generated (over and beyond $50 to $100 per lead - and that’s without the website visitor having to buy a thing or parlay a penny.

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